flex nib - dip pen drawings and quotes

juana almaguer drawing,matt berry aphorism
dip pen drawing and matt berry aphorism

I love writing and drawing with my flex nib - dip pens and collecting aphorisms. So I was happy when I discovered #flexnibfriday on facebook and pinterest a couple of weeks ago!

For the matt berry aphorism, I used j. herbin myosotis ink and my vintage kuhn flex nib-dip pen. I used De Atramentis patchouli scented ink for the hand with my blue pumpkin flex nib-dip pen. For the box, my lamy pen and a mix of De Atramentis document inks to make orange.

Don't forget to stare at the box for a bit of time in the drawing above:) Did it happen for you? If not, try again and blink after several seconds while continuing to look at the box.

dip pen drawing by juana almaguer
dip pen drawing and quote

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  1. Oh this was so much fun.....what a unique and fabulous form of art. Thanks for sharing. Learning something new every day.... Good quotes too.

  2. Oooo I loved the magic of the box, its a good reminder of how lines drawn on a page can have all sorts of visual effects! You've also inspired me to get my nib pens out and have a play, thank you :)

  3. What fabulous outline sketches... love the hand... and yes,within the first second, the box turned inside out!! Awesome! The legs sketch is amazing too!

  4. I've not ever tried to use dip pens. When we last visited our local Jerry's Artarama, a young lad there uses them for his cartoons and he loves them. Wonderful work and enjoyed reading your creative, inspiring post. :)

  5. Thank you Wanda and Grantham.

    Elle, have fun with your nib collection.

    mandy, glad to know the box changed for you.

    Alexandra, I fell into loving dip pens because of my bamboo dip pen. I prefer the dip pens for their flex.


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