crow linocut and collage, 9x12

Did you get to see the full moon eclipse recently? I and my partner went out for a long walk and viewed it for over an hour. I was mesmerized by it's color and beauty.

The next day I came across a facebook post about a pregnant mother who had pinned a safety pin to her blouse to protect her baby.

It reminded me of the story my hispanic mother often told me: She she was pregnant with my sister and she forgot to wear her house keys around her pregnant belly during a full moon eclipse. She looked out to view the lunar eclipse forgetting that she was not wearing her keys to protect her unborn baby. My sister was born with a split upper lip which healed just fine with no trace of it ever being split. My mother was a loving person who did so much for her children. I always felt frustrated that I could not ease her regret felt bad for looking at the lunar eclipse as she believed viewing the eclipse without wearing her keys was the cause. My mother was a loving person who did so much for her children. I always felt frustrated that I could not ease her regret.

I grew up hearing other stories from aunts and uncles ranging from mal de ojo (evil eye) to the infamous la llorona (similar to the boogie man).

I never believed any of these stories yet they fascinated me. I also never thought of myself as being superstitious, but I am. The art tutorial for my hands painting was about my conflict between reality and superstition. One hand reaches for something while the other hand pulls it away.

Despite my knowing my superstitions are baseless, I can't help but follow through on them. I need to wish on that falling star, knock on wood, make a wish when my pendant and clasp meet. It's mostly harmless, and I find I am knocking on wood less often now, but I think I'll always wish on a falling star.

crow linocut with full moon in my etsy shop

joining sunday sketches


  1. such a striking piece
    superstitions are passed on
    it is hard not to believe things our family tells us over and over again
    even fear can be passed on in an instant, near impossible to let go of
    all so interesting

  2. Tammy, so true about superstitions being passed on. And yes, it is all so interesting.

  3. Fascinating about all those superstitions in your family.
    I couldn't see the supermoon we had too many clouds.
    Your black bird against the red moon is marvellous

  4. Wonderfully creative linocut! Awesome!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. I felt a bit uneasy as did a lot of my creative fb friends..I think as creative women we are more attuned with the moon and its phases. I like your painting

  6. Lovely creative work Juana, I missed the eclipse due to cloudy weather

  7. I missed the eclipse also, love your piece. I find i still do some superstitious things but mostly for fun, like blowing dandelions for wishes and breaking a wishbone from the turkey, and making little totem pouches of herbs....

  8. I love both, your interesting story and your wonderful full moon illustration! It's very impressive to see! And I also knock on wood and wish on a falling star :)

  9. Love your raven against the red moon. I love bird things. And the superstitions, I lvoe them too! Thanks for sharing. I need to dig into some of my own.


  10. Beautiful work and enjoyed reading the story behind your inspiration -- fascinating!

  11. i love your crow...what a great story to go with it!

    i, too, don't consider myself superstitious but I'm always knocking on wood for something or other :)

  12. Gorgeous moon crow. ::sigh:: And I love the stories you shared. I don't feel you're superstitious, I feel you pay attention to the mystery that is a vital part of Life! :)

  13. The crow is so striking especially in front of the red moon- such contrasting subjects! Loved your post - very interesting to hear of superstitions from the other side of the world!

  14. LOVE the red moon behind your bird. Seriously brilliant and works well. We got to see part of it but still not much when so far away. :)

  15. Oooo... LOVE this print, Juana--LOVE the richness of that red moon! Sadly, we did not get to see the eclipse... we'd been busy with guests, and then so tired later, we forgot about it that evening/night... boo-hoo! :o( Such interesting stories with the keys and the moon... I didn't know about this. My family doesn't really have stories like that. Not that I remember any. And very interesting to know more about the hands piece you did a little while back--the meaning behind all that. I find myself less superstitious as I place myself more fully in God's hands, and resting in His care and what He wants for me. It's not always easy to discern His will, when I get tied up in my own self-seeking interesting--but I try! And it is hard not to make a wish on a falling star still... ;o) There is something about those stars, the heavens... ((HUGS))


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