journal pages, march 02, 2017

Last year I bought what I thought was a book of quotes. When I got home, I realized it was more like one of those balls that you shake to answer your question. Now I see why it's called "Book of Answers."

It has some really good quotes mixed in with other pages that just say yes, no, maybe, perhaps. For this year's journal, I deconstructed that book, tore out all the pages and sewed in my own pages for journalling. I've saved the pages with quotes that I like to use in my journal.

journal page, march 08, 2017

Sometimes the quote inspires the journal page; other times the journal page comes first, and I see if there is a quote that fits.

Every year at this time, I buy daffodils as they remind me of home. I drew the ones that are sitting on my table and then wrote down all the experiences in my day that make me smile.

joining sunday sketches (link in sidebar)

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