colorful female portraits

Portrait I, January 2019

We have had lots of snow lately, more than usual for this time of year, so a lot of businesses closed for several days.

I have very much enjoyed looking out my window at the snow-covered trees and fields.   And I've gone for long walks too.

Today the weather is warmer and rainy which makes it a great day to get some more art done.

I've started a new series of colorful portraits.  I am not sure what art style this would fall in:  boho, modern, whimsical, pop?

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.
Georgia O'Keeffe


  1. All of those! It does really POP! Very thoughtful here ;) Missed the overnight snow a few nights ago. Kinda bummed. Expecting rain later this week, fingers crossed it will come during the day ;) LOL. Enjoy Juana ;)

  2. Glad to see your news art, and LOVE the happy colors, Juana! I'd say this fits all categories too...especially pop. The O'Keeffe quote is wonderful... Sometimes we just speak the best through our tools and material, as they are so close to our hearts. Happy days there with the winter snow there! We have so much snow here at the moment--spring seems a l-o-n-g way away...but it will come, that's the beauty of hope. :) ((HUGS))


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