line art journal entries, march 2019

star stuff

 Here are some more drawings from March.  Spring brings new hopes and thoughts.

Do Stuff, journal line art

the moment at hand

I cut my own hair, journal page

Once the winter days become too cold and icy to be on my bicycle, I let my hair grow long through the winter.   Sometime toward the end of that season, we start riding and hiking again.  Yesterday was such a day.

We rode to the trails and hiked for a couple of hours.  The long afternoon in the woods and under the sunny sky was full of promise and Spring.

That evening just before I showered,  I cut my own hair.  
I cut away the sorrow.  
I cut away the regret.  
I cut away the anger.  
I cut and I cut.  
And it felt so good. — Juana 

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