figure ink line drawings on acrylic

figure line drawing

I took a break from linocutting and completed some figure line drawings on acrylic backgrounds.  These are available (unframed unmatted) in my GalleryJuana Etsy shop.

figure line drawing

Using my gelliplate, I printed some abstract acrylic backgrounds in soft beiges, greens and blues.

figure line drawing

Taking inspiration from my journal sketches and drawings,  I drew the abstract figures with sumi ink and a dip pen.

figure line drawing

“I don’t want to wait until I’m 73 to embrace my body. To look back and think of my beauty: How did I miss it? Let’s not wait another moment.”       Ashley Asti


  1. These figure drawings/paintings are especially beautifully, Juana! I've always liked how you create your backgrounds, the colors, the softness, the gentleness... and how pieces like these have such a tranquility about them... Simply FABULOUS work, my friend! :) ((HUGS))


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