figure drawings with sumi ink, walnut ink and watercolors

abstract figure drawings

Today I will share some progress shots of "abstract figure, August 2019." This one along with the ones above are available in my GalleryJuana Etsy.

conte and pastel figure drawing

For this week's figure drawings, I laid down a loose drawing of the figure with "flesh"conte and a soft black pastel. Next I used a buff titanium watercolor and walnut ink to highlight and add focus to areas of the figure.

walnut ink and watercolor figure painting

For the final phase, using a brush, I outlined the figure with sumi ink.

Abstract Figure IV, August 2019

It is Born
Here, I came to the boundaries
where nothing needs to be said,
everything is learned with weather and ocean,
and the moon returned
with its lines silvered
and each time the shadow was broken
by the crash of a wave
and each day on the balcony of the sea
wings open, fire is born
and everything continues blue as the morning.

Pablo Neruda

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