Baucis and Philemon, pen ink drawing

oak and linden III, pen drawing on dictionary paper,  work in progress
oak and linden III, pen drawing on dictionary paper, work in progress

When he had spoken briefly with Baucis, Philemon revealed their joint request to the gods. We ask to be priests and watch over your temple, and, since we have lived out harmonious years together, let the same hour take the two of us,...
... as they chanced to be standing by the sacred steps, discussing the subject of their deaths, Baucis saw Philomen put out leaves, and old Philemon saw Baucis put out leaves, and as the tops of the trees grew over their two faces, they exchanged words, while they still could, saying, in the same breath: “Farewell, O dear companion”, as, in the same breath, the bark covered them ... Ovid

My husband and I recently celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. The drawing that I've used for this Baucis and Philemon series started with a photo of us from "way back when".

I took that photo when my husband and I were traveling through Mexico on a shoestring budget. And I do mean shoestring! I never thought I'd be able to laugh about some of the things that happened on that trip, but I often look back fondly on that adventure.

When I did this drawing in 2010, I came across the story of Baucis and Philemon. It's a beautiful story about an old couple who wished to remain together forever. The Gods granted their wish by making them intertwining trees of oak and linden.

Still a work in progress; this is the third drawing in this series. The first was submitted to the Sketchbook project and the second has sold. I've used gesso to add texture for the trees and archival pen ink and acrylics for the portrait and leaves.

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