quick sketches and fake journal 2014

Baudelaire, pen sketch and notes

But what is an eternity of damnation compared to an infinity of pleasure in a single second?
- Baudelaire, Paris Spleen IX

This week flew by and I got a lot done! I really enjoyed my reading and class lectures on Baudelaire and Nietzsche.

Nietzsche sketch
Nietzsche pen sketch

The latter half of the week found me exploding with the desire to draw, so while listening to the lectures I drew. The notes meander in and out of the sketches.

being defined sketch
Nietzsche quote and face sketch

April is Fake Journal month and I'll be participating again this year. I spent the week thinking about who I would be and have settled on journalling as an amateur naturalist. So come April, I won't be journalling as Juana but as a fictional character. I'm still working out the details. If doing a fake journal intrigues you, head on over to the fake journal website run by Roz. The link is in the sidebar.

fake journal 2014
handmade journal with shibori fabric

I also wanted a journal that would be dedicated to the fake journal and made another one using the Japanese stab stitch binding.

For the cover, I dug into my stash of papers and cloth and found a vintage Japanese Shibori cloth that I bought years ago when I was living in Japan. It's a beautiful blue with a fan design.

fake journal 2014
inside pages

joining sunday sketches

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