Journal Entries, January and February 2019


A new focus this year in my journal is affirmations.  I wrote this short poem about being brown-skinned.  Naturally, it is easier to complement someone else.  I think that is the case for most people.   The journal affirmation pages help me remember what is good in my life and in me.

time to wish

Through the years I've collected stamps and I am using them in this year's journal pages.

suppliance of a minute

Above and below are three pages that were inspired by postage stamps.


Recently I read about Colin O'Brady's 2018 solo-unsupported-unaided expedition across Antartica.  I really love what he says about obstacles and struggle and taking the next step.  Sometimes, it is a long road we have to travel.   It's often too easy to forget how much we've overcome and focus too much on what we have left to do.

Wishing everyone a good March.


  1. These are beautiful Juana. Lovely to read as well. Thanks so much for sharing them with us :)

  2. lovely that you are using the stamps that you have collected.
    also to have an affirmation theme, which can be quite personal and supportive.
    It is a joy to see what you have been up to.

  3. What a beautiful idea is your affirmations journal, Juana! Like you, I don't find it easy to celebrated myself... it's much easier to see all the good and beauty in others. This sounds like a challenging but fun exercise! LOVELY art work!! :) Happy Spring ((HUGS))


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