la comida

comer comida
la comida, acrylic mixed media painting, 6 x 6

I never got into cooking when I was growing up or newly married, but later in life I learned it was more about time then anything else. Cooking had always had the sole purpose of answering a growling hunger after a long day of work.

I think back and have no idea how my Mom managed working full-time, being the driver for our one-car family, running daily errands, and always giving us a home-cooked meal. All of that has left me with fond memories of car rides, her stories of her work, and the amazing Mexican dishes with colorful names and those rolling r's.

Although, I haven't been able to come close to the deliciousness of her chili colorado or her chili verde, I have managed to be good at making her frijoles de la oya, tamales and tacos. I could live on those dishes alone:) And my husband has gotten used to my serving the same dish for consecutive days because that's what I crave.

I have time now. Along with that I've come around to cooking and mentally thumbing through those memories that rise with each childhood dish.

For the above art work, I applied acrylics to a dried corn husk and pressed it onto my background. I then added more layers of color, stamped images and a cut-out with the word comida from a Spanish-English dictionary. Comer is written with a micron pen.


  1. Beautiful way to illustrate the Spanish word (for that right?) Your recollection of the foods your mother made, made me hungry! Thank you for sharing this. : )

  2. Lynn, thank you and yes you're correct about the translation.

  3. Love both your artwork, and the memories of your mom! Nice meeting you today, through List It Tuesday! ~tina

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories and love, love the painting.

    Your post reminded me that years ago a friend bet me I couldn't make tamales. We went to another friends restaurant where they left me with a pile of tamale makin' bits and laughed heartily as el dos mensos left me alone. They came back 10 min later shocked to find that I had filled a huge soup pot with rolled tamales. We ate them and the owner said they were some of the best made he had ever had! That just came flooding back as I read your post..muchas gracias mi amiga!

  5. I'm not much of a cook either and I think our Moms are goddesses to handle everything. :) Great list!

  6. natasha, I agree how moms are goddesses!

    textile, that is fun memory about tamales:)

    beans, thank you.


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