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daily sketch jan 3, 2013
jan 3, pen, crow, line drawing

new year resolutions
Simply: one daily sketch and reading one page from a book.

The sketches have been a good spring board of inspiration. And the reading gives me a good break.

This week my interest has leaned toward crows, and the sketches have lead to pen drawings with watercolor.
crow and sky II
 crow line drawing, pen and watercolor

art journal
I'm also working on my first art journal. Last week I bought a stitch-bound book at the second hand store. It's still in the beginning stages and I've been glueing and gessoing a little bit each day, and reading the book as I go along. Hopefully, I'll have some first pages to show next week.

What's new in your week?


  1. Your line drawings manage to capture all that energy that crows have, even when they're still. Lovely with the watercolor, too.

  2. Your sketches throughout your blog are powerful...I can't wait to see your journal pages! I like the idea of one simple sketch and one page to read... Great idea.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings. These are great!

  4. those are great goals. I'm trying to do the same: I've increased the size of my daily calendar, and drawing/writing each day. Good luck to the two of us! {:-Deb

  5. Your crow is beautiful. I am especially fond of crows and ravens. Love them a great deal, although all birds have a place in my heart.

    Interesting goals!

  6. I LOVE your line drawings and love the fact that your resolutions are so do-able. I hope you post your progress for us all to see.


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