Japanese Stewartia, bunny rabbits and bird watching

april 17, japanese stewartia
notes on Japanese Stewartia

Last weekend I rode my bicycle over to our local plant nursery and spoke with their tree expert. I was impressed with how he could decipher which tree I was talking about based on my description of leaves, flowers, and the present seasonal state of the tree. We then spent several minutes walking around the large complex looking for that exact tree.

bird and tree watching
bird watching notes and tree notes

 I returned home to do further research on the internet and learned that this tree gives a fruit. The brown capsules that remain on the tree are a remnant of that fruit. Now I realize that last autumn the grey tree squirrel was eating the fruit and not the capsules as I previously thought.

male spotted towhee
male spotted towhee

Male spotted towhees have blacker heads and their "spots" are more visible than the female who has a grey-black head and less defined spots.

april 14, bunny rabbit
rabbit eating kale

handwritten notes
handwritten notes

April 13, 2014
Sunny, 9:22

I've noticed that if I hear a bird singing at the feeder, it's Black-capped Chickadee most likely. It tends to voice its arrival, just before or upon, its landing.

And another thing that I have noticed is how birds co-mingle in proximity on the ground more often then I had previously noted. At the feeder, not so often. Although today, a fox sparrow and a black-capped chickadee were at the feeder at the same time.

April 14, 2014 
Brilliant sunrise with the sun now showing through a thin layer of clouds

There is a pollinated smell to the air. The cherry tree blossoms have all but bloomed and fallen with some of the other similar trees shortly fallowing their example.

The nettle is between one to 1.5 feet tall now. Surrounding bushes are starting to bloom.

Time slows and I feel this gradual lift of my spirit.

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