drawing portraits with De Atramentis document inks

pen and ink drawing, gallery juana
pen and ink drawing, 5 x 7 inches

Last week the urge to draw hit me and I focused on drawing portraits with De Atramentis document inks. For Man with a Cape, I started out with yellow to draw the outline and then added darker colors like fuchsia, turquoise and fog grey.

pen and ink drawing, gallery juana
pen and ink drawing, 5 x 7

For the female portrait, Girl I, I colored in the background with fuchsia, yellow and a mix of orange.

de atramentis inks, pen and ink portrait, gallery juana
pen and ink portrait, 5 x 7

I love how vibrant these inks stay once they are applied to the paper, even as a wash of color.  Above is Girl with a Pink Collar and I used yellow for her cheeks and fuchsia for her collar.

wishing everyone a good week and joining sunday sketches.


  1. Beautiful vibrant colours in your portraits, nice work Juana!

  2. Love them both ~ very dramatic rendition with lots of expression ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  3. Love the bright,strong colours you've used
    Donna xxx

  4. I love the emotions in your line drawings. Blessings!

  5. The colors are very vibrant and I love your line art!

  6. These are wonderful, Juana. I especially love the second one as I think the bright yellow really appeals to me. Wonderful work and glad you were able to get in the mood to paint. I need some help there. Failed to get into the studio very much last week. Sigh


  7. VERY, VERY FUN, Juana! I just love those simple washes of color, and especially the colors you've chose. Thank PINK... *SWOON*!! ;) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  8. Those are beautiful colors. Very nice!


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