Avocado, fountain pen inks, journal sketch

avocado journal page

I love avocados. They are a quick meal. I came across Rachel Ray's tip of keeping a halved avocado fresh by storing the avocado with garlic. It's rare when I don't use the whole avocado but the tip inspired me to use my private reserve avocado ink to draw an avocado.

avocado, journal page, private reserve, j herbin inks

I traced out the avocado and seed first with de atratmentis document yellow. I used J Herbin Cacao de Chypre to color the seed and write out the words.

noodlers creeper fountain pen, j herbin cacao de chypre ink

The halved avocado will be left with a garlic flavor. If you don't want that, just skim off a thin layer of the avocado to get rid of the garlic taste.

Here in the States, Autumn has officially began, and it's off to a beautiful start.

wishing everyone a good weekend and joining sunday sketches (link in side bar)

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