Avocado, fountain pen inks, journal sketch

avocado journal page

I love avocados. They are a quick meal. I came across Rachel Ray's tip of keeping a halved avocado fresh by storing the avocado with garlic. It's rare when I don't use the whole avocado but the tip inspired me to use my private reserve avocado ink to draw an avocado.

avocado, journal page, private reserve, j herbin inks

I traced out the avocado and seed first with de atratmentis document yellow. I used J Herbin Cacao de Chypre to color the seed and write out the words.

noodlers creeper fountain pen, j herbin cacao de chypre ink

The halved avocado will be left with a garlic flavor. If you don't want that, just skim off a thin layer of the avocado to get rid of the garlic taste.

Here in the States, Autumn has officially began, and it's off to a beautiful start.

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  1. I'll have to share this tip with my husband as he often has a half avocado left and always dealing with it turning brown. Fun sketch of an avocado in your sketchbook! :)

  2. A great sketch and a handy kitchen tip. You just never know where you are going to learn something. I love playing around with inks like this.

  3. Great sketch, wonder if this tip really works.

  4. I like the crosshatching on the avocado. The addition of the cursive writing makes a really cute illustration.

  5. unique illustration of an ordinary piece ~ lovely ~

    Have a great week ~ ^_^

  6. really nice sketch :) the lines work really well :)

    I've never had an avocado, just don't look good to me lol

  7. It's great to learn that I can prevent avocado from becoming brown with some garlic. And it's so lovely how you have illustrated this good advice! Many thanks for sharing it.

  8. lovely drawing! and thanks for the tip. everyone once in a while, i have leftover avocado. this will come in handy.

  9. Great sketch and thanks for the tip...I hadn't heard of that one. :)

  10. Wonderful drawing ~ such great energy in that avocado!

  11. avocado ink? did you make it? our of the pit or skin?
    fun drawing. I love avocados and miss them from when i lived in Calif. here they are shipped and not usually very good.


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