ink paintings and 100 day project

sumi ink, walnut ink on vellum paper

I discovered vellum paper in the art store last week and love how it holds the sumi and walnut inks. This particular vellum paper is made by Yasutomo from rocks. It has a velvety- silk feeling and I can see exploring more mediums on it, You can find these paintings in my Etsy shop:

And I continue with the 100 days project. Here's a glimpse so far:

Back when I was in high school, I joined the soccer team. I had very long hair at the time. In fact, I had always had long hair. I really enjoyed playing soccer and decided short hair would be more comfortable than wrangling a pony tail. The hairstylist asked me several times during the hair cutting process if I was sure I wanted short hair. I was sure. I pretty much hated that first haircut as soon as it became reality. It left me in shock for 24 hours. I remember going home in tears and just sitting in a stupor. The next day at soccer practice, everything fell into place and I focused on the game. I forgot all about my hair (which was the reason for cutting it).  Change is never easy and sometimes it is the right thing to do.

This project has inspired me to draw more and work beyond my usual black and white line drawings. You can follow along on my instagram account:

Wishing everyone a good season!

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