line art portraits and the 100 day project

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Figure II, May 2019
Paper size approximately. 8.5 x 10.5

Lately I have been enjoying drawing with Copic pens. Drawing with these pens is very different from drawing with a dip pen and sumi ink. I feel more methodical with the pens and more fluid with the dip pen/sumi ink. Either way, I enjoy the process with both mediums and tools.

Figure I, May 2019

The 100 day project continues and here is a set that sparked some memories which I will post with each art page.

I am always amazed at how much a small vegetable garden can yield. My father always had a garden and grew a variety of vegetables. One year he planted Fava beans. The memory of eating fava beans came to mind as I drew the above.  Below memories of home grown tomatoes and chilies and the salsa made with them came to mind.

Many, many moons ago, when I was 21ish, my boyfriend (now my husband) and I moved in together. We rented a makeshift house in the foothills, had a cat, a dog and a puppy. We had just gotten the puppy who whimpered as he didn’t want to sleep outside. So we slept outside with all the pets that first night. When I woke up some time in the dark, early morning hours, I opened my eyes to see this brilliantly bright full moon just above the hills. It was magical and magnetic to see such a sight.  Below commemorates that memory.

A few years ago we took a bicycle-camping trip for my birthday. I was looking forward to camping under a forest canopy in the hiker/bicycle section of the campground. I guess it was a busy time and this particular State park turned away all of us who had arrived by bicycle. I was upset as other State parks had told me it was their policy to never turn away hikers and bicyclists. I guess it’s depends on what park is near? At any rate, we all headed over to the fairgrounds to camp there. I was really disappointed. We were camping next to bleachers and a metal fence surrounded by cars and typical fairground buildings. I decided to make the best of what we had and my husband helped to lighten my mood with his corny jokes and antics. That evening as the sun was setting and the air cooling, the fairground camper sounds livened up everything. I could hear conversations, laughter, and a violinist playing. The music was so soothing and beautiful. Later we listened to a chorus of geese as we watched them fly by above us.  

 You just never know what treasures can be found until you open up to their possibilities.  - Juana Almaguer

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