Monday, August 20, 2018

Heart Origami, mail art

heart origami, snail mail

Lately I've been watching origami art tutorials on Youtube.  This heart letter is on its way to my sister. See the youtube tutorial at the end of this post.

wax seal with a shank button heart

And I continue to have fun with using buttons to make wax seals. View more on my previous post:

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

wax seals using buttons

wax Seal using a shank button

Recently I bought a couple of seals from along with some wax. Those seals are in the upper left corner of the photo below. I also discovered from various websites that I could use buttons for stamping designs into wax. So I have been combing through the button collections at my local thrift shop. I found several that work wonderfully for stamping into wax.

wax seals

I used all types: shank, flat, domed, and the type with holes in the middle. I am pretty happy with the results!

wax Seal using a shank button

wax Seal using a shank button

Later, if I want, I can attach each button to a cork. The stamping seemed to work fine without the attached "handle." And without the handles, storing buttons takes less space.

Are you wondering how I got the gold highlights on the sun? The video below from LetterSeals explains how to highlight the wax seal.

I'll post more later with photos of how I use these wax seals.

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