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Friday, February 5, 2016

calendar-journal january pages

gallery juana journal
detail of page one, January Journal page

Can you see the paw prints in the journal page above? For the last three years, I've been walking almost daily down the same path from my house to the local market. Sometimes, midway I run into the strays that live in that area. I've been told they were dumped there a few years ago by someone. Several people in the community feed and care for them. The cats have been neutered by the island's "catch and release" program.

gallery juana journal
January journal page two

The Tabby cat seems to be the one always out and about waiting to be petted. One evening, I was late walking to the store and it was after dark. Without my realizing, the tabby followed me all the way into town! I had gone to the library then to the bank, and as I was on my way to the store, I heard a meow. It took me a few seconds to recognize that it was the Tabby's familiar meow. As I looked around in the dark, I caught sight of him. My heart dropped as I saw him there in the bank's parking lot, in the dark, amongst the cars.

I walked him back to his area where he lives. He is such a sweetheart, and if my circumstances were different, I'd adopt him and the other two. Since that incident, I am switching up the route that I walk.

fountain pens, journal page, galleryjuana
detail of page one, January Journal pag

Sometimes I don't have anything in mind or sight to draw, so I just have fun writing, doodling and making marks on the page. I'm really liking the calendar-journal I put together. I try to draw and/or write in it daily. Best of all, I get to play with all my fountain pens, dip pens and ink!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

International Correspondence Writing Month, Liberate Your Art and other mail art projects

diy mail-art envelope and dip pen
diy mail-art envelope and dip pen


February is the International Correspondence Writing Month, and I'll be joining this project for the first time this year. The goal of InCoWriMo is to write a letter a day for the month of February. And not just any kind of correspondence, it must be handwritten. That means more reasons to use my dip pens, fountain pens and bottled inks!

postcard art by GalleryJuana
postcard art by Juana Almaguer

Liberate Your Art

My postcard order from overnightprints is already on it's way to me. I'll be sending them out for InCoWriMo in February and Liberate Your Art in March. Kat runs the LYA postcard swap and this will be my fourth year joining. Visit her site for more details and to join the fun. She needs to receive your postcards by March 12.

More reasons to write come with two more projects:

The Eduardo Munez Letter Project They are "looking for letters, particularly drawn envelopes, mail art and plain envelopes - not postcards. Most importantly the letters must be addressed to Mr Eduardo Munez." Visit their website for more details.

Letters to Anywhere The creator of this projects says, the goal is "to let others in on the places of our lives, how they've affected us, and how we've connected to these places that don't even exist to most of the world."

wishing everyone a good mail day!

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