Saturday, March 28, 2015

altered mini book tutorial

mini gratitude journal 2015
mini gratitude journal 2015

I can't keep myself from altering or making my own journals. I love the whole process of doing it. Finding the right sized book in the second-hand shop, sifting through my stash of papers, taking apart the book and putting it back together again.

I completed this mini journal back in February. I had intended to only take out the original pages and replace them with my own. However, in the process of taking out the pages, the cover was ruined. In the end, I am glad I made my own cover. Below is a tutorial and a short video so you can see how I did this.

outside cover, wip

Once I had removed the book's original cover, I was left with the thinest layer of paper plus the skeleton: the spine, front and back.

inside cover, wip

I adhered a thick linen paper to the book to make the cover. To make sure the book would close properly, I ran my thumb along each side of the spine.

outside cover with added linen paper and washi triangle

To clean up the corners, I added washi paper triangles.

For the outside, top corners, the triangle will fold inside.

completed outside cover

I then adhered grey card stock to the inside cover.

completed inside cover

On the inside, lower corner, I adhered more triangles. These triangles are not folded but cut to come up to the edges.

mini gratitude journal 2015
cover, signatures and rubberbands

Instead of sewing the three signatures to the spine, I'd inserted them with rubber bands. I had these pretty, purple rubber bands I'd saved from some vegetables I'd bought. The signatures were sewn with the simple , 3-hole stitch. And, viola! A mini, gratitude journal is born. Below is a video demonstrating how the rubber bands work for putting in the signatures.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

mail art postcards and linocuts

mail art postcard, gallery juana
mail art postcard, gallery juana

It's been a fruitful week for me!  Kat's Liberate Your Art  (LYA) is in full swing now. I sent my photography postcards to her last month and now can enjoy receiving one, from all over the world, every week for the next four weeks. If you want to join in next year, be sure to get on her email list for this event.

I spent this past week working on mail art postcards like the one above.   When LYA rolls around next year, I'll have lots to choose from for printing.

I also got some illustrated envelopes done and some linocuts.

bike linocut, gallery juana
bike linocut, gallery juana

And much more which I hope to blog about in the coming weeks!

Wishing everyone a creative week and joining Alexandra's Sunday Sketches.

Friday, February 27, 2015

DLP Journal Pages - February

Memory, journal page, gallery juana, February 2015
Memory, journal page, February 23, 2015

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

February 14th art challenge for the documented life project journal: "cover up good stuff"

wip one
wip two
The wip on the left (wip one) shows the pen drawing I completed on top of the gesso. I started out with drawing a stained glass window which morphed into doodling circles, squares and lines. Drawing all the circles and lines with sumi ink and a dip pen took me awhile and became its own meditation. I then added color with acrylic paints.

Once that was dry, I adhered some painted tissue paper to cover the entire page. The wip on the right, wip two, shows the page with the adhered tissue paper.

As it dried over a day's time, I kept going back to the page looking for inspiration on what to do next.

I wanted to keep the word, memory, which I'd left unpainted from the book's text, and interweave that word into the page's story.

top of journal page, detail

The underdrawing was still visible in some parts. I added random shapes with acrylics and my homemade stencils and built up the colors using the top layer of tissue paper as a guide.

Once I added the skeleton and face, the idea I wanted to convey about memory started to come into view. I redrew parts of the underdrawing and traced the shapes of the stenciled acylics. Lastly, I added color to the face and background with charcoal, colored pencils and acrylics.

I've got sunny days for the weekend in my part of the world and will be out and about by bicycle. Wishing everyone a good weekend!

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