Sunday, May 24, 2015

diy stickers

inverted hello

20 sheets of address labels was a recent find at my local second-hand store. Originally I was going to make my own address labels, but then it dawned on me that I could make some stickers.

Rather than make them using a jpeg and my printer, I decided to paint them using acrylics and my handmade stamps and stencils. Below is a quick tutorial of how I did this.

applying a thin layer of gesso

Here is what I used to make these stickers:

  • a sheet of self-sticking, clear labels
  • gesso
  • acrylic paints
  • stencils
  • stamping inks
  • linocut stamps

So let's begin!

First, I applied a thin layer of gesso.
To keep it spreading thinly, I added a bit of water as I brushed on the gesso.

stenciled circles and blotting with tissue paper

Next, I stenciled shapes onto the gesso using yellow acrylics. To aid in drying, I took off the excess paint with a sheet of tissue paper.

side note: Using tissue paper as a blotter will leave the tissue paper with varied colors and patterns which can be used later in collages.

sheet of finished label stickers

Next, I used various stamps with acrylics and stamping inks. Can you read what it says? I have several failed stamps where I forgot to carve the mirror image of the word. I have saved them to use as embellishments.

postcard with sticker and artistamp

Since some of the stamping inks I used were not waterproof, I sprayed the sheet of labels with a fixative. Now they are ready for my mail art. Since the labels are clear, anything under the label will still show through, so I can use them in journal pages as well.

Here's to another creative week!

joining sunday sketches

Saturday, May 16, 2015

abstract playing with paints

Abstract Bird, gallery juana
Abstract Bird I, 4 x 6 inches, acrylics, sumi ink and watercolors

While working on something unrelated to this post, I needed something to hold my selection of paints. I usually have a paper plate to put my acrylic and watercolors on for mixing, but didn't have one on hand, so I grabbed some blank postcards and used them to hold the blobs of paints.

Abstract Bird, gallery juana
Abstract Bird II, 4 x 6 inches, acrylics, sumi ink and watercolors

The first blob of paint I used was phthalo blue watercolor. It was a huge blob of paint, and I didn't use all of it, so rather than waste it, I took another blank postcard and put them together. With each subsequent blob of paint, I repeated that step of joining the tops of two postcards. I was left with three abstract paintings.

Inspired by the Robin who has built her nest in the eaves above my front door, two of the postcards looked like baby birds to me.

The third looked like a hippo. Using a dip pen, I outlined the shapes with sumi ink and atramentis document inks to clarify the images that I was seeing. Do you see what I see?

wishing everyone a good weekend.

joining sunday sketches