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cormorant late night sketch, lamy safari
cormorant late night sketch, lamy safari

My lamy safari fountain pen with an "F" nib arrived this week from goulet pens along with several ink samples. The "f" nib writes smoothly and feels like it's gliding on the paper. The ergonomic hold (where my fingers rest) and it's light weight are also great.

Given the reviews, I guessed that the lamy nib would not write as thin a line as my Japanese made "F" nib pens. I'm enjoying the variety that I can get from my preppy, metropolitan and now Lamy pens. With scented inks to boot, I've been drawing a lot more since my fountain pen enthusiasm began!

In addition to drawing, I've been making some diy stationary. Last week, I snagged a box of formal stationery from the second-hand shop for $2.00. The paper is a beautiful cream color with a nice tooth for stamping and fountain pen writing.

In the eyes of the cat, is the color of the sea, on a sunny day... Yorie

The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams. ― Henry David Thoreau

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle,
I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
H. G. Wells

Above are the envelopes I stamped this week. The stationery will have complimentary stamps: the bee will have the honeycomb and the cat will have paw prints.

I am not sure what stamp to make to compliment the bicycle. Any ideas?

wishing everyone a bright weekend!

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  1. A bike rack! All the stamps are wonderful! I have never thought about looking in the 2nd hand shop!

  2. Quiltswissy, thanks for the bike rack suggestion!

  3. Love your sketch and stamps! they're very fun. I've been enjoying making stamp prints with my Studio Art students all week. Wish I had thought to bring samples home and post about that today.
    Happy Sunday Sketches. ~ Karen

  4. I've never heard of a lamy safari fountain pen. Sounds pretty cool! lol Loving your envelopes with the stamp print, too. Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

  5. A helmet maybe? Nice creative work!

  6. I love the stamps! Maybe a bike bell would work?

  7. Stefanie and christine, great ideas too! bike bell and helmet!

    Karen, maybe next time for seeing what you made with your students:)

    Alexandra, I ran across the lamy safari when I was researching what fountain pen to buy. There are so many fountain pens to choose from!

  8. Your stamps are great. Looks like a lot of fun!


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